Go with the Flo

There are some commercials on TV that end up growing on you, and conversely, there are some that are just downright stupid.

Is it just me or is Flo on the Progressive Insurance commercials the hottest chick on TV right now?  (Okay, it likely is just me!)  Seriously though, there is something about her energy, her sassy attitude, her infectious smile and that bright red lipstick.  Yeah, she's hot alright, and switched all my business to Progressive.

At the opposite end of this spectrum are the Denny's commercials.  You remember — the restaurant that has a history fighting the civil rights movement.  Their latest is has that lumberjack-looking knucklehead who does his best Dan Akroyd impersonation, telling Mr. Chino that he doesn't understand his popularity.  (Mr. Chino, as in cappuccino.)  Very stupid.  Not sure who Denny's Restaurants even appeals to, but this commercial does nothing for me.

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