Here kitty kitty

Indian Republican congressman Mike Pence looked all presidential himself as he and his colleagues hosted the President Obama in an unstructured setting in Baltimore yesterday. Unfortunately Pence didn't distance himself from the others in the room and looked more like a patsy reading from campaign-trail talking points.  What a disappointment.

The president, on the other hand, went into the lion's den and left a room full of kittens.  They went after him with more of the same bullshit we've had to listen to since he took office, and he addressed every fallacy they came after him with.  It was absolutely amazing how Obama handled himself.  He is always prepared and willing to give others their due when appropriate.

The Republicans should be thankful — they came out of that 90 minute meeting smarter than when they entered, because the smartest, most articulate man in the room took them to school.

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