King of the road

Is it just me or do you find that sometime, "the bigger they are, the stupider their driver."  I'm referring, of course, to SUVs.  What is it about some of these moronic SUV drivers that gives them some sense that they're king of the road?  Bigger isn't always better you idiots, don't you read Cosmo? 

Watched this morning as the Escalade in front of me, with the Michigan plate that began with BXD — yeah lady, you know who you are — crept into the cross lane as we sat at a red light.  We were on Ford Road, which is seven lanes wide, and this moron was way beyond the thick white line you're supposed to stop behind and was blocking the cross walk.  (I know, some of you are saying "so that's what that thick white stripe is for!")  Why the surprised look when those high school kids smacked the front end of your pretty, big black Cadillac?  And that was me behind you that left about 30 feet of space so you could back up to where you should've been to begin with. 

No excuses lady.  If you can't get it together, you should take to riding the bus.

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