Move over, you’re moving too slow

Love the business travel. After dealing with horrendous lines at
security, which is typical Monday morning air travel, this bitch
nearly knocks me over. I am on the moving sidewalk at Detroit’s Metro
airport, standing on the right where the non-moving folks stay, and
all I hear from behind is “room!” As Curtis Payne would say, “What the
hell?” I turn and this chick is waiting for mee to basically jump up
on the handrail so she can get by with her double-wide. The guy
behind her was smiling, as though she was paving the way for him, and
all I could mutter was “I guess that’s my problem.” What nerve. It’s
not like she was late and in some big hurry, she was chugging along.
This is the type of travel arrogance that drives many of us crazy –
Attilla has 4 carry on pieces and I bet she never has to follow the
check baggage rule (1 carry on plus your purse and/or computer). Get
a clue sweety ‘cuz next time I am NOT moving


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