Marketing blunder

Just had the great pleasure of reading through the insurance packet sent to my folks for them to review so that they can make what will likely be the most important decisions they'll make for the coming year.  Wondering what type of training is necessary for the genius they hired that masterminded this entire "get the word out" campaign to senior citizens. 

The packet of printed material is about a quarter inch think and the print is about a 12-point font.  Certainly can't speak for all the retirees they mail this to, but it's pretty hard for them to read the material.  Forget that they're foreign born and that even though they came to the 'land of milk and honey' as teens, big lawyer-like sentences is difficult for them to comprehend.  But wait, there's more!

What would a large packet of reading material be if it was just in one format — they sent along a CD!  How great.  My poor mother thought it was something of value — it must be, it's a CD.  My folks don't have a computer.  We tried that experiment 10 years ago and it was a disaster.  I'm betting many senior folks don't have a computer so why in God's name would the folks at BC BS think it would be okay to send one out to a large group of retirees?  What poor judgment.  Don't these morons get together in group meetings to plan out the details of disseminating the information — was the devil's advocate off that day?

I had to convince my mom that the CD was useless to her and of no great value and that I'd read through the crap pile mailed to help figure out what she needed to react to.  Thanks Blue Cross, my weekend plans have been made.

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