Irons, Woods and the shaft

Sure, Tiger Woods should be afforded the same right to privacy for him and his family as any other normal American citizen.  And that's the point, Tiger is the furthest thing from a normal citizen.  He has endorsements from companies that span the globe, hawking everything from watches to clothing lines and taking in tens of millions for lending nothing more than his holding of a golf club.  So when he goes 9-1-1, his public wants to know what is going on with him.

As for me — I don't wear the watch brand he professes to wear — can't afford it and don't like the gaudy look — nor do I use his brand of shaving equipment.  And as for Nike clothes, shoes and golf balls — Nope, not a fan, thank you very much.  So for the record, I am NOT among the throngs of people that want (or care) to know what happened with Tiger Woods in his Caddy on his own private property.  But I have a theory.  Do you want to hear it?  Okay, cool.

Actually, it's a combination of two theories, one that says he ran out on his wife and she chased him out, and another that says drugs may have been involved and possible domestic violence.  Because it is odd for him to be leaving the house at 2:20 AM and for the Misses to come running out with a golf club to break the windows to free Tiger.  But here is what I'm thinking: 

Tiger and his wife Elin had a horrible fight where Elin clawed his face and cut him up pretty good. So good (or bad, really), that he knew he couldn't be seen in public all beat up because there'd be no way to explain what happened.  So they stagedthe car accident as a way to cover up the cuts and bruises to his face. 

I know what you're thinking.  And yes, I was up all night thinking this through.  Now give the guy some space and watch as he slowly feeds us tidbits of information that are more damning than anything else.  He's hired a high profile lawyer, but what he needs is good PR rep.

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