Blue Hair Gets it Right

Sitting in Gazi’s Restaurant on First Street in Rock Falls, IL —
lunch break on drive back to Chicago for my next meeting. I know o
made the right choice (option was McDonalds or Hardees – yum!) when I
stepped inside and the place was packed with senior citizens — food
must be good where they eat! Booth behind two women and a man and
half my meal I was treated to discussion about the Tiger Woods car
accident. The man barely spoke — not so surprising, he was with two
women afterall — but each of the ladies had opposing views on whether
or not this was a public matter. The louder of the two finally said
“he’s a public figure so it’s a public matter.” No doubt she’s a fan
of this site. (Could hardly wait for them to clear my plate so I could
make this entry.) Try the tuna on wheat with a cup of coffee and tell
’em Issues Man sent you.

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