No Nap Necessary

Learning to manage my turkey intake on Thanksgiving has been a blessing for me in recent years.  Turning 50 just several weeks ago and one thing is for sure — my body doesn't burn off calories like it did 20 years ago, or like it did just 5 years ago for that matter.

Stating the obvious, I'm sure, but like my teen-aged boys, I've had a feeling of invincibility for the past 25 years and that feeling has waned in recent months.  (Okay, maybe not the same way teen-aged boys think they're invincible, but pretty close, just with more experience!)  My favorite time of the year because all the great food everywhere you go, and I've had to behave: watch portion size, and hold back from tasting ALL the sweets brought out with the coffee.

Still so much to be thankful for, and that's the real reason I love this time of year as it has all of us focusing on what we're thankful for.  And yes, when I stand straight up and look down, I can see my toes.  Get the smirk off your face, just mean that my belly doesn't get in the way of me seeing my toes!

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