Simon Was Right

I knew there was something about Adam Lambert that bothered me during his run on AI, and know I've got it figured out:  he's an idiot.  All the fuss today makes me glad I didn't watch the American Music Awards last night.  Oh I tuned in long enough to see J-Lo slip — what a graceful recovery.  Didn't see it live but I did get to see Lambert's "slip" — what an over-the-top moron.  

I get the whole "I'm out, look at me" bit, but he's got to give the whole double standard rant some rest.  Saw his "heat of the moment" moment and that was more than a spontaneous move.  It's hard to have any respect for him as he flat out lies about his shocking display.  Totally staged. 

What he did was disgusting, no less so than when Madonna kissed Mrs. K-Fed.  Yes Adam, you shocked the television audience, so you achieved your goal.  But you disappointed so many of us too.  We were not tuned in and it has since been deleted off the DVR because I won't let my 11-year old watch that garbage performance.  And as for your CD — my daughter won't know why but it simply won't be on our list this year, or at all.  I was pulling for you dude but you all but sealed your fate with last night's trashy performance.  Nicely done asshole.

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