Show those gams, sell those books

Sarah on NewsweekCan someone please tell Sarah Palin that she can't have it both ways.  She struck a sexy pose wearing workout shorts and now wants to complain that the photo is sexist and makes her look like a floozy.  (I threw in the "makes her look like a floozy" part.)

Sarah, honey, baby, c'mon.  You got that look and you know it.  Work with me here.  Seriously — did you pose for that picture or did they place your head on a model's body?  That is the only question you need to answer.  And if you did not pose for that picture, then I will cancel my subscription to Newsweek.

She's become a whore to sell this book and her appearance everywhere has become painful to take.  What is the difference between Palin posing for this magazine "not knowing it would end up on Newsweek" and Carrie Prejean "not knowing her sex video would end up in the public eye?"

Is it cheesy?  Yes.  Is it sexist?  You bet.  But Sarah Palin is the only person responsible that the picture exists, just as Prejean is the only one responsible that her video exists.  And for the record, she looks hot!

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