Predictable Rudy

Can someone tell Rudy Giuliani to sit down and shut up?  Why is this fear-mongering has-been still getting face time on Sunday morning television?  He had his stint as mayor, his joke-of-an-attempt at his party's presidential candidate — and he continues to find his way to the public eye.  Just guessing he hasn't got the message yet.

Spouting off on the Obama administration's decision to try some 9/11 terrorists in New York City.  Not sure why Giuliani thinks he should have a say in the matter as he has no official capacity in any level of government, NY or anywhere for that matter.  Hence the "shut up and sit down." 

It seems that Rudy and others from his political persuasion believe that it is too dangerous to hold court in New York because it is so close to where the carnage took place.  He believes too that the US court system cannot handle this case and that the military courts — you know, the one riddled with problems — can somehow handle this better.  His thinking is an insult to all of us who believe these bastards should face trial in a sound legal system AND allow them to face their accusers, including the families of some of those that perished due to the criminal actions. 

So Mr. Giuliani, if the mayor of New York City has faith in his administration to safely manage the court proceedings, then that is good enough for me and it should be good enough for you.  So stop stirring the pot for the sake of making the weak among your following cower in fear — that is such a disservice to your flock. 

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