All aboard, and move quickly

Let's keep the pressure on the airline industry and in addition to focus on pilots that drink before flying or those that forget to land at their destination, we need improvement in the boarding process.  If you've flown recently, I'm telling you something you don't already know!

The airlines have all these rules regarding carry-on baggage that are never enforced and yet a big headache in boarding centers around carry-on.  We don't need more rules or consumer laws to address this issue, we need the airlines to have the balls to enforce the rules already on the books.

Let's start with he business travelers who don't like to check — this group includes me but I never break the rules!  Some of these knuckleheads carry several bags, including a computer and one or two roll-on bags.  And some woman business travelers get away with several shoulder bags including purses.  Sometimes these folks slow down the boarding as they trudge through the isle, bumping into everyone along the way and then taking up more than their share of the overhead compartments.  Then by the time you or I get to board, there isn't room in the bin for our stuff.  "Wait," says the attendant, "there's room in the bin just above row 38."  But wait, I'm seated in an exit row above the wing and you want me to place my small carry-on at the back of the plane?  That makes me the last guy off the plane as you have to wait for everyone else to de-plane before going back to grab your bag.

There is also the moron who thinks his bag isn't too large and drags that 45-pound beast on board anyway.  Then he stops all boarding traffic behind him as he attempts to stuff that bag into the overhead bin.  It's pure entertainment when you're already seated and you get to watch this — I promise there are at least 2 or 3 of these idiots on each flight.  In the end, their bag often ends up being taken off the  plane and sent below for loading.  But it's the amount of time wasted accommodating these turkeys that slows down the process, which leads to late departure.

One more segment of traveler I'd like to see follow the rules for carry-on?  The plane's crew!  How about they follow the same rules they expect the rest of us to follow and limit their carry on baggage?  Or better yet, save the storage space for us, the paying customer, and except for their purse maybe, have crew store all their baggage below deck.  The airline staff can set the example and that would make the enforcement of their rules more palatable to the  flying  public.

I feel better now, but need I worry about my trip back to Detroit Friday afternoon?

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