Stupid at 35,000 feet

No surprise that the two NWA pilots would get their licenses revoked — what a couple of morons.  From someone who flies a bit, I would never want to think that the captain in charge of the plane was surfing the internet when he should have been landing the plane.  Imagine looking down at your watch about 20 minutes before due to land and noticing that the engines haven't slowed, there's been no descent and there is no update from the flight deck. I'd be pretty freaked out  that the pilots are either stoned or dead and that there is no one in charge of the controls behind the barricaded cockpit door.

These two idiots say they were distracted.  They claim to have been working on their personal computers.  Can you imagine them looking at their computers then looking out their window and seeing F-16 jets aiming to shoot the plane down?  WTF?

I am betting these two had their pants down to their ankles and were surfing porn.  Confiscate those computers and find out exactly what they were doing on them – it would be interesting to know exactly what could have distracted them.  (Isn't it odd that the voice that tells us to turn off phones and computers because they may interfere with the equipment were using their computers?  That would have been my story.

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