California Governor makes sexual advance at Assemblyman

Is this letter by California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger to the California State Assembly a coded message to the bill's author or is it a mere coincidence that is being blown up by the media. 

Don't be stupid.  Whoever authored this note knew exactly what he or she was doing — it's brilliant!  Don't think for a moment that the Gov wasn't getting back at the bill's author for his heckling of Schwarzenegger earlier this year during an address. 

Who knows, maybe this sort of wackiness is the  result of years of steroid abuse — you know what they say: acne, irritable personality, shrunken testicles and secret messages.  You be the judge, read down the left margin and collect the  first letter of each line. 

(The popular media is asking if the governor is sending an angry message.  Of course I set my own trends here and I'm suggesting he's making a pass at this bill's author — don't forget to include the "I" from the line starting, "I am returning …."  Oh yeah, for a guy with broken English, this truly is sexual harassment!)

Arnold's Letter

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