ESPN — Top 100 Places to Work

Phillips HundleyFirst glance of this photo, what do you see?  Okay, get beyond the fact that you're not sure if the shorter person is male or female — it's a young woman.  Maybe you see a dad with his arms around his daughter during family day at the college campus?  Or maybe you see a handsome, married, father of four sons 47-year old sports analyst from ESPN with his arms around a 22-year old co-worker who he has been having sex with while traveling for his work.  Focus ….. See it now? 

(Funny how the press picked a not-so-flattering picture of the two.  And of course, so did I!)

I know what you're thinking, and NO, I don't know if he's Republican — his political orientation is beside the point.

Meet Steve Phillips.  He's a fucking grown man having a sexual romp with what amounts to a child — at least someone old enough to be his child!  Yes, another fine role model for all young people, especially his 4 sons.  We've seen so much of this lately, with the likes of South Carolina Governor Sanford  and the deceased football player Steve McNair — I hope it's not the start of a "men with 4 sons do stupid things with their dick" trend.  (I only have 3 sons, so I'd be safe anyway.)

This guy sucked as the GM for the New York Mets baseball team for a lot of years when ESPN decided he was a baseball expert and made him an analyst for the sport.  Shame on the network:  they employed him for his looks.  Now my question to ESPN is what do you tell the family of this equally stupid young lady?  You created an environment where this sort of thing was allowed to happen and was likely seen by other employees — what have you done to protect her? 

Well Steve, you've really gone and messed things up.  This chick goes Fatal Attraction on your ass:  writes your wife a detailed letter outing the whole relationship, and then starts texting your two oldest sons.  Hate to kick a guy when he's down, but dude, like the other assholes mentioned earlier, you brought this on yourself.  ESPN should fire your ass.

2 thoughts on “ESPN — Top 100 Places to Work

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  2. GHD — I’ve been out of touch with my blog for some time now and am pretty refreshed. But I have no idea what you’re rambling about. Maybe you need some time away from the keyboard! All the best.

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