Have an AAPL a day

AppleOkay, who among you saw this coming?  Apple kicked some butt when reporting Q3 results.  Because if you did, and if you were smart — you were holding shares of the glorious AAPL.  I neither saw this coming nor am I particularly smart, but I do know one thing, I was lucky to be feeling something about Apple.  I picked up 100 shares just weeks ago after buying the iPhone for my work. 

Long-time BlackBerry user and devotee, but their smart phones don't work with Exchange servers running ICA.  (Don't ask because I don't know!)  And of course my company's servers are running ICA so I had to do what many of my colleagues did in recent months, I went over to the dark side.

Then I got to know the iPhone better and to my surprise, I really like this phone.  Yes, it's cool and has some pretty fun applications you can download for free.  And of course I get my corporate e-mail and contacts right to my mobile device but there's something more:  it's the visual aspect of the phone. 

I am one of those types that learns and is stimulated by what I see.  I like reports with graphs and charts more than those only containing data and narrative.  I need to 'see' what I'm working with in order to better accept and internalize.  The Apple iPhone fills that need.

So don't hate.  Yes, I'm cool — I carry the iPhone.  And yes, I just made some money this morning (the stock is over $200 a share and the markets aren't even open yet!), and that doesn't suck.

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