Wild Things, YES

Wild Things
Can't understand why all the parents are making a fuss about the movie Where The Wild Things Are.  You have no business taking your 4-year old to see this movie and then walk out exclaiming, "gosh, my little guy loves the book but he didn't get the movie."

Get a clue people — this movie wasn't made for children, next time do your homework before you set off to a movie you're not quite sure about.  (The pre-release hype should have tipped you off!)

This movie was adapted from a story that has been around since 1963.  Get it?  Your 4-year old is the third generation of readers of this story — this story was written for the now-adults that have been exposed to this beautiful story going back over 40 years.  My first-born grew up on this book — his absolute favorite when he was 4-years old.  HE'S 20 YEARS OLD NOW!  He enjoyed the movie, and by the way — he got it. 

So stop your bitching about how the story didn't live up to what you expected.  You should have left the little ones at home and took your spouse (or grown children) to see this one. 

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