Poor baby.


Poor Glenn Beck.  He has taken so much grief over the past several weeks and for what?  For being his loud-mouthed self?  That is hardly fair. 

There are a lot of haters in our midst (heck, look at me!), but there are only a handful that make millions of dollars off the back of fearful, insecure white people. Glenn Beck has been beat up in the media of late because he's an asshole whose message of hate and fear no longer resonates — the voice of his vocal minority following is being drowned out by the great majority in this country that are tired of being made fools of.  Yes, I'm white and I'm insecure about a lot of things (do you think they'll like my post?) — but I don't fear things I don't understand, even topics discussed by a bright, articulate black man who was born a Muslim and happens to be our president!  Catch your breath.  Ignorance is not a badge of honor.

Glenn, I gave you the opportunity to buy this web site (not for the legions of followers, for the name you fool).  You showed no interest and of course, I didn't make tens of thousands of dollars off the sale.  Now look at us.  You're flailing in your career and your millions will dry up one day — and me — I'm on my way up!  (My 20-year old son quoted something from a previous post on this site back to me over the weekend!  How you like me now?!)  Do you see the irony here?

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