You let me down Jay

LenoYes, we were all excited to watch Jay's debut last night.  And I know it isn't just me thinking this, but the show was a real disappointment.  Jay's monologue was good — usual Jay — but the show fell apart for me right afterward when he let The Dan Band (one of his 'correspondents') take up over 5 minutes, singing three stupid songs in a car wash.  I watched because I kept thinking something great was going to happen — that was 6 minutes worth of football I could have been watching on ABC.  WTF Jay.

And I was looking forward to the Kanye West visit because the amazing timing of West's royal screw up the night before at the MTV Moon Man awards.  Okay, down and dirty with Jay — let's stick around for this.  Huge disappointment.  First, someone tell Jay's writers that they needed to set up the West visit for the viewers  — it's not as though everyone saw what West did to Ms. Swift on the awards show.  There was no fucking context for his interview.  And then with all the buzz around the news world and Jay went soft — dude, think back to the question you asked Hugh Grant after he got caught cheating on his wife with a hooker — he asked "what were you thinking?"  Why didn't you call him out Jay?  That was enough for me.

So I confess, I did not see the entire show, but I disliked what I did see.  It's hard to believe that they had 3 months to plan this debut show and it went down the way it did.

One thought on “You let me down Jay

  1. Give Jay a break man he’s still better then watching Conan. BTW, WTF had I known you liked football I might of invited to you join my private fantasy football league.

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