Erected Officials from S.C.

Joe WilsonFirst glance, it appears that Republican Joe Wilson from South Carolina has spotted his dear friend, SC Governor Marc Sanford on the Appalachian Trail.  But we know now that 1. Sanford was actually on the Argentinian tail, and 2. This is actually a photo of Wilson from 9/9/09 when he interrupted our nation's chief during the chief's address to congress, and was just being an ill-mannered rube. (How did there just happen to be a camera focused in on Joe Wilson at that very second?)

Oh sure, both men apologized for their indiscretions, but what good has that done? To hell with the two over-50, white Republican egomaniacs, we should be concerned for the good folks of South Carolina!  I can only imagine what it must be like waking up in THAT state.  (Would that be the state of denial, or the state of embarrassment? ——  Wait, that was so clever on my part.)

More than both of these fine role models being from South Carolina, and more than them both being a great disappointment in general, these two knucklehead politicians have something else in common:  one was thinking with his dick and the other was acting like one. 

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