Pay attention in school

What kind of parent wouldn't want his or her child to hear a presentation tailored to his kid about the importance of staying in school, and from the leader of the greatest nation on earth no less?  Only the fucking morons that are fussing about President Obama's speech to our nation's children as they head back to school.

Again, we take a look and this vocal minority are white followers — not sure of who, likely following Glenn or Rush.  (Now there are a couple of role models for your children — especially if you value making millions from suckers by spewing hate and venom.)  I suppose it would have been better to have asked W to make this presentation — though his message would've been "don't care if you stay in school, I just need you to join the armed forces so we can continue mired in a war we created!" 

As a parent with 4 children, I always welcomed when true leaders visited my kids' classrooms, looking to motivate and inspire.  It blows me away to watch this handful of parents get in front of a camera and exclaim "I don't agree with his views on abortion and a woman's right to choose."  What a stupid thing to say — do you actually think the president was going to address a woman's right to have control over her own body to school-aged children?  (There are Parent of The Year nominations in your future!)  An amazing missed opportunity for those of you who start off their explanation with, "It's not because he's black …"  Nice.  Passing on your narrow-mindedness to your children.

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