Another child slapper off the streets!

Child slapperNow this is a mug shot!  The "Georgia Slapper" (as dubbed by me), is guilty of slapping a crying child at a Walmart store in suburban Atlanta.  Now really, who amongst us hasn't wanted to slap a crying child?  This guy lost his cool when the child wouldn't stop crying as she went up and down the store isles with her mother.  I've seen this before and seriously, the child should never be slapped — I'm all for pulling the parent aside and slapping him or her.  C'mon folks, take control of your bratty children.  Unless there is total meltdown, which shouldn't be given in to, take that kid home and send them to their room or time-out or whatever.

If this 'crime of passion' is ever turned into a movie, they can get Jeff Daniels to play the lead.

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