Mixed Message?

SIMG_2251potted this while out couple weeks ago and thought his message was interesting.  A shot at any “idiot” that could read the sticker on the back of his car, while reminding that idiot that the driver loves Jesus, for life apparently.

Got me to thinking if this was a message about the driver sharing that Jesus was the way, or was he sharing that he was pro-life?  And if it was about being pro-live, then how did that message co-exist with his first message about only idiots tailgate?  Tailgaters are people too….and they may not technically be idiots.  It might be that the guy in this small Ford is a real slow and shitty driver – nothing more.  I’m not tailgating, I’m just waiting for the light to turn green.  Am I an idiot? Do I need Jesus?  It’s been a long week!