I know….I missed me too!

Thank you to my followers who’ve reached out to see if something was wrong with me, wondering why I haven’t posted to this site in so long. It’s cool mom, I’m okay, just been busy on other things.

Like putting up the most amazing site for sharing stories of random kind acts, check it out here. But mostly, I’ve been busy with work, lots of travel. And if I’m being totally honest, I’ve been a little lazy (and it shows, around my gut!).

And there’s been plenty that has happened in recent months where my mind races and I think of an entry I would have written, if only I had had access to a computer. Lies. I have several computers – a Mac, PC, laptop, iPad, iPhone – so that was never the reason for not writing. (See ‘lazy’ comment, previous paragraph.)

Now that I’m finally off my ass and back to the keyboard, where do I start? Well I’ll figure that out on my own. And mom, say hello to dad – I’ll call tonight.