“Please, don’t let it be a Muslim…”

Yes, a common thought that runs through my mind and that of many Muslims around the world whenever some horrible criminal act is committed, especially to one of my fellow  Americans.  It shouldn’t be that way, but it is, thanks to the monsters that attempted to hijack my peaceful religion back on 9/11/2001.  And for all you haters, yes, Islam is a peaceful religion, as is Judaism and Christianity before it – and like those before it, each had a way of dealing with non-believers that doesn’t seem very nice by today’s standards.  (Familiar with the many crusades that lasted hundreds of years led by popes and borne from the pages of the bible?)  I digress.

On edge since the horror in Boston several weeks ago, when two idiot brothers did the unthinkable as they set out to injure and kill innocent people.  Wondered then, like the many times before 9/11 when acts of terror were committed, what makes a person want to hurt or kill another living creature?

Then it happened again over the past few days: terror-struck and I silently prayed, “don’t let it be a Muslim that committed these horrible acts.”

An 8-year old girl was stabbed to death Saturday in her home in northern California and the killer is still at large.  What kind of monster would reign terror on a community with such an act?  There are over 100 police involved in this manhunt and I pray they find those responsible soon.

Mass at an Albuquerque, NM church had just ended yesterday when a 24-year old whack job jumped the pews and raced toward the choir with intent on injuring and killing innocent people.  Lawrence Capener stabbed 4 people before he was stopped by quick-thinking parishioners.  Thank God that monster was stopped!

And of course, the ricin-lacing mess out of Mississippi that had me wondering who would want to expose our president and other officials to something lethal like ricin — who would want these people dead?  We now know it wasn’t the Elvis impersonator and that some knucklehead, James Dutschke from Tupelo, Mississippi is believed to be the terrorist.  And again, in silence, “please don’t let him be Muslim.”

And these are the terror cases in the past several days that got national attention — forget the many muggings, murders, car jacks, and so on, that terrorize neighborhoods all over this country every day.  It’s a disgrace but I admit, I like what the media is doing.

The media, along with many of our brave politicians (whom are seated high above the fray and love this approach), are reporting and expounding on the ethnicity and religious affiliation of these perverted beings.  Not saying I agree with this practice of reporting out the purported religious background of those that bring terror into our lives, but what the heck, the balls been rolling since 2001, so let’s do it — let’s keep score of these monsters. I know it increases hate crimes as the ignorant among the masses get riled and want to go out and do harm to others, but what a small price to pay I suppose.  (Okay, haters going out and terrorizing a group based on color of skin, ethnicity or religious beliefs.  Having trouble shaking off the irony of it all.)

If you haven’t detected my tounge-in-cheek post by now then you’ve missed my point entirely.  Seriously?  Do we really want to keep track of and report on the ethnic and religious background of all people who bring terror into our lives?  That’s a ridiculous suggestion and a foolish suggestion. Then why is it acceptable when the criminal is a Muslim?