Where to go with this

As 2012 winds down, I struggle with where to go with this website.  When I secured this name over 10 years ago, I had one thing in mind for I Got Issues: build a site for the world to post issues they had with anything from consumer products to asshole neighbors. 

I still like the idea but now, as then, I lack the technical expertise to get that sort of site done. *sigh* 

So from time to time, I post based on some current event (usually political) that gets me going.  To be honest, there are more posts that never make it to the site for a variety of reasons so the ones that are posted represent a fraction of what’s been on my mind.  

I am hoping to re-apply myself in 2013 and use the site for whatever is on my mind.  Be it an issue with a consumer product or service I’ve purchased, or an issue with an asshole neighbor or relative.  I may even use the site to post thoughts or pictures from when I’m traveling for work-related matters.  Why not?  

Hey, I’m over 50 and my web-building skills haven’t improved.  This won’t wait another dozen years for me to figure out ‘where I want to go’ with this site.  So there’s no time like the present and I’m hoping my loyal followers — both of you — will come along for the ride.