The GOP and Sharia Law

It’s funny how the GOP has added an anti-Sharia Law plank in their platform upon which Romney and Ryan will stand as their party’s nomination to contest President Obama as resident of the White House for the next four years.  How odd is that considering 1.) there is no threat (or even possibility) that Sharia Law can enter into the USA’s legal system and 2.) that the GOP itself practices its own version of religious-based law.

Seriously, this plank is nothing more than an anti-Muslim forum which suits the Republican party as they monger fear into the hearts of the weak across the nation. This has been a boon for votes and fundraising since 9/11/2001 but please, the new generation of electorate is educated and can see through this thinly veiled tactic.  Let’s move on.

Americans should be more concerned with the GOP’s version of Sharia Law — the version led by the evangelical right.  You know, the laws being made and debated by old, wealthy, white men that are based in their interpretation of Christian law.  What?  Yes I did …. take out “wealthy” and “white” and substitute “Islamic” for “Christian” and voila, we’re talking about the same thing.  Old, out-of-touch men making decisions that affect all, with a tendency to take control over women.  Go ahead and take a moment to let that sink in, I’ll wait.

Forget that many of these staunch Republicans who want to make laws for our country tell us about the immorality of adultery, homosexuality and thievery.  Forget that so many have been caught stealing millions of dollars off the backs of their constituents, or caught cheating on their wives — or even outed in their same-sex affairs.  So when they step up to the microphone to tell us that family planning is wrong, beware.  When they debate that a woman has no say over her body for medical funding of breast cancer exams, or when she can have access to medical treatment for a pregnancy that will endanger her life, beware.

A debate between men of matters that affect the entire US populace, of which more than half are women, and women aren’t even invited to the debate.  Beware.  Pay attention as the GOP looks to usher in their version of law based on their warped religious values — yes, beware of Sharia Law.