Take your call in private please

I know what you’re thinking, I missed me too!  Lots of travel lately with my new role, and loving it.  And it’s exposed me to a new world of issues, some I never knew I had!

Sitting out on the beautiful deck of the St. Petersburg Hilton, working on a report and minding my own business.  There are at least 20 tables set up out here and I was out here alone for about 30 minutes when this woman comes out yakking into her cell phone.  No problem, it’s a free world and a public space.  But with all this ‘free world, public space’ did she really need to sit at the table right next to me to continue her loud conversation? 

Seriously — what is the deal?  I escaped out here for quiet and now I hear one side of a conversation about this lady’s sales business on HSN.  Share your thoughts to this post because if this is just me, I’ll shut up and never bitch about this again, but I’m betting all of my faithful readers have a story like this to share where some clod doesn’t use common courtesy to others around them when using their cell phone. 

Oh don’t worry about me.  She is still talking as I type this out. But I can be an asshole right up there with the best of them…. I lit up my cigar 10 minutes after she sat down and I’m puffing away and enjoying myself.  (Of course she hasn’t flinched, nor has she moved, but at least we’re on an even keel now!)