Far Right is Far Out (of Touch)

So what does it take to get me back to the keyboard to write for my legion of follower?  So much has happened all around me and all around the world, but it took the likes of Rush Limbaugh to get me off my ass.  What an offensive, vile man.  (Hey, talking about Rush now.)

A bright, articulate young university student goes before a congressional committee and expresses her view that women should have access to contraception and he calls her out, by name, and calls her a slut and a prostitute.  It wasn’t innuendo or hyperbole — he said that her view “makes her a slut” and continued in the next breath that “It makes her a prostitute. She wants to be paid to have sex.”  Of course she said nothing close to what Limbaugh spewed on his radio show and when asked to apologize or to re-think his remarks, he did neither.

Now just as I respect what the young law student’s right to make her views known before the panel in Congress, I respect Rush Limbaugh’s right to disagree with her.  But he didn’t disagree with her, he attacked her.  He attempted to discredit her views by smearing and discrediting her as a human being — all as a distraction to his mindless followers.

(Yes, I think people who blindly follow Limbaugh are mindless, and no, that doesn’t make me hypocritical to what I’m saying in this post — it is an effective use of hyperbole.  Now stay with me here.  The followers have difficulty discerning between good political discourse and the spewing of hate and fear as a form of control.  They sit back, smile and exclaim “ditto.”  See?  Mindless.)

And what do the fearless Republicans in the defense of this woman’s constitutional right to free speech?  Their spines suddenly weaken and they go soft.  They know that their wives, and maybe their daughters, all use contraception.  They know that using contraception doesn’t make a woman a prostitute, because they know the difference between their wives or daughters and prostitutes.  (Couldn’t resist that one!)  They know because many of them use Viagra and their insurance covers that.  Which ironically, is used specifically so men CAN have sex.  But I digress.

Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum appropriately and quickly came out calling Limbaugh’s remarks inappropriate, but then he let him off the hook by saying that “he’s an entertainer” and that “an entertainer can be absurd” as part of their entertainment.  Really Rick?  Limbaugh called out this young lady by her name and said she was a slut and prostitute, and that she should be required to tape her sexual encounters and post them on the internet for all of us to view — in front of millions of people.  And that is entertainment?

And where is House Speaker John Boehner on this issue?  Not sure because his remarks came through his spokesman Michael Steel.  Boehner needs to stand up like a real man and repudiate Limbaugh’s moronic remarks for all decent Americans to see — represent your party sir and call Limbaugh out, and demand he apologize.  First to the woman he called a slut, then to all women, and then to all people.

Limbaugh’s comments were offensive and should be condemned by all people, left- or right-leaning, religious or otherwise.  They were an affront to decent people and a slight to women’s health.  Rush Limbaugh was a cheating, drug abuser who has learned nothing from his past.  He should apologize and take some time away from the golden mic.