Perry’s idiotic remarks are over the top

Texas Governor Rick Perry has shown us in recent weeks why he is NOT presidential material.  Simply put, he isn’t very bright and often says stupid things.  I know, it’s hard to tell him apart from the rest of the GOP presidential wannabes, but with his comment on CNN’s State of The Union program yesterday — it will no longer be difficult to tell this idiot from the others.

“These kids made a mistake…..”  he said.  Then went on to say, “But to call it a criminal act, I think, is over the top.”  Seriously?  So it appears that when a washed up politician is scrambling to stay relevant and keep the media lights shining in his direction, he only need say something totally counter to good sense and decency and sell out, all for a piddly 5 more minutes.  Alas, another Republican backlash.  (Has Perry learned nothing during his previous 15 minutes?)

Suggesting that the rules of engagement are made for others but that “these kids” simply used poor judgement is offensive.  It is an affront to the common sense of the American people, not to mention the tens of thousands of active and retired military that played by those strict set of rules.  Mr. Perry isn’t stupid, and as a former Air Force pilot, I am certain he is well aware that defiling human remains is a crime in our military, as well as being sinful to any God-loving person — but to suggest that the U.S. Marines’ investigation of this disgusting and moronic act is due to President Obama and his administration, well there, my legions of followers, is the proof that this man doesn’t get it and is willing to sell his soul for a shot at the office he so denigrates.

Rick Perry and his mindless acolytes need only recall what they felt during the fumbled Battle of Mogadishu in the early ’90’s when we witnessed the dragging and defiling of two U.S. soldiers.  That disrespect for human remains for the sake of war was sickening then, nearly 20 years ago,  just as it was when the Abu Ghraib crimes were committed six years ago and this most recent mess with soldiers urinating on corpses.   (Hmmmm.  Abu Ghraib….. I don’t recall anyone suggesting then President Bush back off and allow the 17 soldiers that were removed from duty to ‘go free.’)

So let’s stop the political bullshit and pandering to the extreme among your followers that actually think it was ‘okay’ for these soldiers to do what they did and that the Defense Department should back down in their investigation — continue to hold our military to the highest standards and honor those that follow the rules.  Let’s stop making excuses for these grown men and women who only apologize for getting caught and show no remorse for their actions.  Let these soldiers have their day in courts-martial and if a crime was committed, hold them accountable for their actions.