Quiet …. Can you Hear it?

It's an American revolution and it's happening all over the country.  Yes, the American people, motivated by the Arab Spring, are taking to the street in peaceful demonstration.  No, it's not in an effort to depose President Obama.  The #OccupyWallStreet uprising has to do with an American underclass that is tired of the bullshit going on in this country where the gap between the wealthy and poor is widening, causing an erosion of the middle class. And how sad that this do-nothing Congress lead by misguided Republicans that pander to the Tea Party won't do the will of the American people.

Their mission is simple: peaceful assembly against economic inequality, corporate greed and corruption in our national government.  This mission makes total sense — just take a look around you, around your extended family, around your community and around the nation — shit is messed up.  People in this country are living below poverty levels and children go to school hungry, yet we're spending billions to rebuild nations we bombed and lining the pockets of lobbyists, and the likes of Dick Cheney and his cronies from Halliburton.  We bailed out Wall Street bankers and their boards (read that as rich, white men with connections) with billions of dollars only to watch them make tens of millions in bonus and salary — WITHOUT REFORMING WHAT WAS BROKEN.  Yes, shit is messed up.  (This is a family blog and I'm reeeeeally working hard at keeping the language clean.)

So this isn't a referendum on Obama. From what I can tell, it is an indictment on the apathy and seeming indifferenc of our politicians at the national level.  It's an indictment on social injustice and the disconnect between both Housed of Congress and the people they represent.  

It's easier to find media coverage on the uprising in Syria — which is a moral disgrace and a whole other post — than it is to find coverage on the American uprising.  But it's there.  Google it, dig for it and read up.  Ask why thousands peaceful demonstrators were 'tricked' into moving from NYC onto the Brooklyn Bridge, where 700 of them were promptly arrested, guessing because it was easier to coral them on the bridge.  

Look at their faces — this is group of Americans, black, white, and mostly young recent college grads. And listen …… hear it?  It's the sound of another revolution.