Psssst. It’s in Africa!

Surprised that we haven't heard a peep out of the dozen or so GOP candidates for president regarding the apparent toppling of the Libyan dictator Qaddafi?  Why do you think that is?  So many of the GOP wanted us to do more earlier, but the "troops on the ground" way of thinking from 10 years ago is what got this country into the mess we're in. 

Guessing that there isn't anything for this lame group to criticize so they're staying low.  Good thinking.  It's either that or they simply need to brush up on geography AND foreign policy.  (Take it from Sara Palin — it's best to keep your mouth shut when you don't know what you're talking about!)

Regardless, the silence really is golden.  For as long as it will last.

Why is GOP and Tea Party Quiet Now?

Where are the loudmouth idiots from these two parties now that their predictions about the world markets have failed? All we heard as these assholes held the country hostage for months was "don't believe this administration, nothing bad will happen" related to the debt ceiling politics they played. Freakin' morons. And now the same groups have some nerve to point fingers across the isle. Unbelievable and no wonder our political leaders are the laughing stock on the world stage.

This isn't a small problem and at the same time, it isn't insurmountable. We need leaders that have integrity and great concern for their fellow man, which means the baton needs to be passed to the next generation. Imagine a new batch of legislators from current 20-something grads who care more about the environment and the well-being of their neighbors than perks of the position and screwed up party ideology.

I would support that.  Would you?

Doug Lamborn is a Moron

Doug Colorado Representative Doug Lamborn sent an apology to President Obama for referring to him as a 'tar baby' because he wasn't aware that the term might be offensive to some.  If this guy was 15, I'd cut him some slack, but the good Republican looks to be mid-40's at least.  What a jerk.  (Hope that isn't offensive to him.)

It's amazing that we have grown men and women in Congress and the Senate who use such nasty language when referring to each other — and worse, when addressing the president of our nation.  It's inexcusable and inappropriate.  We've lowered the bar on how we work with one another and refer to people who have different views than us, and it's a shame.   Then we wonder why some of our children lack civility and use foul language in public — look at some of these role models.

Yes Mr. Lamborn, 'tar baby' is an offensive term to African Americans.  You're a bright enough man to know better and you could have used a number of other words to get your point across.  You chose a word that allowed you to blow off some steam and at the same time, we got a better look at your true colors.  Hey, the amazing man at the helm of this country right now happens to be black.  Deal with it.