Amazing Maria

What an amazing show of strength and character Maria Shriver has shown the world.  Her cheating husband fathers a child 10 years ago and comes clean this week and now we understand why she moved out of the houst months before they announced their separation — she found out then!

Arnold's confession isn't too hard to believe — his reputation as a groping whore dog precedes him, and goes back to his juicing days as a teen body-builder.  Throw in the fact that he's an egotistical politician and this was almost predictable.  (That he's a Republican is just a coincidence!)

But Maria shows us grace under pressure.  She asks that we respect her privacy for "the sake of the chldren."  That statement in and of itself is amazing – her plea is for "the children" which includes her four kids and the now 10-year old father by Arnold.  That shows the type of woman she is.  Amazing.

Share the road

Crosswalk Just came in from an afternoon bike ride — it's my lunch period I'll spend it how I please!  But my fear is that with all the driver distractions on the road, I may not make it back to my desk one day!  

Addressing the most obvious distractions at lunch time on a beautiful afternoon (such as people-watching, burger-eating and texting-while-driving) may have to wait for another post, as my time is limited here and I still need to shower.  But if we can just start with some basics for all drivers, new and experienced, we'd be off to a good start.

Pay attention to the cross walks as you approach an intersection.  It's crazy but so many people don't realize that when approaching a stop sign or traffic light in your vehicle, the thick white line is where the front of your car should STOP.  Don't pull into that cross walk area when you stop you moron, it's for the pedestrians, whether we're walking or peddling, cut us a break.

So when you see the look of disdain I make — that's all for you and your ignorance of the law.  Back your ass up and get out of that space, or offer an "oops" smile and a simple mea culpa and that look will go away.  

President Obama gets it right on photos.

President Obama is taking flack from some critics that say he should release the photos of a very dead OBL — so that we can prove he's dead and deter others from following in his steps.  The president got it right when he told CBS News that "we don't trot this stuff out as trophies ….  we don't need to spike the football." 

 Well thought out Mr. President and as you said, "that's not who we are." 

Think back to when bin Laden and his sick followers — this small twisted group of cowards — killed innocent Americans, whether it was the 9/11/2001 attacks or the atrocities carried out since.  Remember their videos of gloating and taking responsibility?  Remember them dancing around the campfire with rifles in the air, burning the American flag or the effigy of our president Bush?  They were spiking the football.  And we, as a nation, wondered how man can take that sort of pride in killing his fellow man — wondering what sort of sick mind can carry out those actions then dance with glee, all full of themselves.  We had seen the devil himself in those videos, in their taunting, as they trotted out the trophy with sinful pride.  

We collected ourselves as a nation and allowed the minds at the top of our democracy go about their business in hunting these cowards down, bringing justice.  We trusted in the men and women at the top of our federal government to plan, fund and execute the campaigns necessary to keep us safe from those who wish us ill.  So who are we now to play Monday-morning armchair quarterback and second guess those same minds?  What would make us any different than those sick bastards we've watched over the past decade and more if we were to figuratively spike the football now?  Do we really need to sink to their level?

And for those that say releasing photos will deter others.  Are you kidding?  Open your eyes.  A sick mind knows no deterrent and acts out indiscriminately.  Look around you — do our gun laws deter robbers?  Do photos and video of public execution deter murderers?  Did the public hangings of horse thieves in the glory days of the Old West deter bad guys?  The answer to all of the above is NO.  So bad people that hated us as a nation last week still hate us as a nation today after OBL's death.  They still want to inflict hurt on us and released pictures or not, the threat is still there.

President Obama and his team have done the right thing for now in not allowing the photos to be released.   Let things cool down and let's continue after bin Laden's number 2 guy — let our Special Ops folks go kick some more ass and bring others to justice.  And somewhere down the road, maybe a month from now, maybe a year, the photos will become declassified and the public who still cares can take a look. 

Hail to the Chief

News that Osama BL was killed by US Navy Seals last night was great news — he was our public enemy number one and his time on earth had run its course.  It would have been great if we'd taken him out many years ago, but that he left forcefully on our terms is awesome.  (Versus, say, passing of kidney failure in a cave somewhere.)

President Obama's delivery of the news late last night was equally amazing — the Commander in Chief briefing the American people in dramatic fashion.  Taking personal command of the situation over the past several months and then giving the green light for the operation to move forward — very cool.

Now I suppose we'll have to wait for Donald Trump to weigh in and somehow take credit, as he and other haters may call the president's handling of the situation into question — who knows, maybe he'll question that the news was fabricated and was hatched, played out and filmed on a Hollywood back lot. 

But this post isn't about boorish attention-deprived media whores.  President Obama should take a bow on this one.  President Bush put this effort into motion and Obama finished the task — hats off to them both.  And hats off to the fine men and women of the armed forces who risk their lives for our freedom, and whose precise execution of this strike sent the devil home without losing one of their own.