Beck’s Deadheads

Beck Rally My apologies to Jerry Garcia and The Grateful Dead — and perhaps more importantly, my apologies to their followers a.k.a. 'dead heads.'  But after watching Glenn Beck's dramatic run up to his road-show gospel the other day, one has to believe that these white, numb followers don't have much going on upstairs and have truly earned this moniker.

500,000 people?  Really?  Best estimates had the crowd size at 100,000, but hey when it comes to grey matter and compassion, size doesn't matter.  The rally was a joke and sounded more like an evangelical rally, but why would anyone be surprised.  The only folks that succumb to that sort of drivel are far-right religious zealots anyway.

Alert to the Dead heads — Beck is a Mormon.  And you thought you had the market on crazy cornered.

Not Krazy, recklesss

Just saw the TV commercial for Krazy Glue where the guy jumps from a bridge platform toward the river – noticed the fine print on the bottom of the screen, something like "don't try this at home."  The commercial stops and they rewind the video, back to where they show two technicians putting Krazy glue on two ends of the bungee cord.  What a stupid commercial.  Show us that drops of glue are holding the bungee jumper to his cord and then warn us — in barely visible type — not to try this on our own. 

With all the idiots that watch foolish stunts on TV and then wander out to their backyard with their video camera, I can only imagine that someone will get hurt.  The product is for suckers and the commercial was irresponsible by the glue producers.

Refresh Mr. President, refresh

Let me see if I got this right,…. President Obama takes a trip with his daughter to the Gulf area to show that it is safe to go back into the water, and no issue.  He takes his family to Martha's Vineyard for summer's last outing and he's criticized for not having spent more time in the Gulf area.  What, has all the nation's problems been addressed that this is now newsworthy?

If you've ever been to both places, you'd understand why anyone would choose Martha's Vineyard over the Gulf.  The weather in the Gulf in August is horrible.  High humidity and stormy weather — compared to low 80 temps and mild humidity in picturesque Martha's Vineyard.  Tough decision.

How about the haters finding something else to bitch about, like the fact that we still don't have politicians that play nicely in DC. 

Idiot proof


Sure, you know what this symbol represents.  Right?  You should because we've been told this appears on the dash panel of all vehicles since the 2008 model year.  (It's been around longer, but not mandatory before 2008.)

They're called idiot lights because they're supposed  to be for idiots — that by the time you see the lamp on your dashboard, it's too late.  Idiot.  But so many consumers don't know what this lamp means — in fact 1 in 3 drivers doesn't know that when this lamp comes on, at least one of your tires has low air pressure.  Don't be an idiot, put air in your tires.

The ‘near’ Ground Zero non-issue

You can tell it's an election year and a slow news month when a non issue comes to the fore as the most important piece of news of our time.  No, not the lagging jobs market or the fact that the economy still sucks.  Talking about the group that wants to build an Islamic social center in Lower Manhattan in a decrepit building near a strip joint.

But wait, that group happens to be hard-working moderate Muslims that have followed every letter of the law to get to this point, only to have the matter taken over by politicians.  So this is where the slow news month and the fact thata mid-term election is approaching rears its ugly head.  Politicians desperate to win or keep an existing position sell their souls for the voter's attention, and his vote. 

Disgusting that these politicians, mostly Republicans plus that Democrat pussy Reid ("but he's in a tough fight for his seat!") have returned to the only way they know — stir fear in the hearts of weak, non-thinking people.  Proof: the media outlet frenzy in recent days around the group that wants to "build a mosque at Ground Zero."  Ugh.  It is neither a mosque nor is it at Ground Zero, but who cares about accurate reporting when headlines stir the masses?

Not sure who to be upset with, stupid people who believe this drivel or the stupid people that produce it.  Oh yeah baby, I'm back.