Perez Who?

Who gives a shit about this douche bag Perez Hilton — what idiot changes his name so that it sounds like Paris Hilton?  That should give you a clue about this dick.  And why is he important anyway?  Why does this bottom-feeding moron get the press that he does, or end up as a celebrity participant on ANY program?

Well hope that soon they'll add pornographer to his list of menial accomplishments.  He shared a shot of Miley Cirus (you know, the UNDER-AGED tween idol) as she was getting out of a car and it happened that the photographer caught her sans underwear.  I saw the edited version and you know me, I'm not usually shy to re-produce anything at this site — but I am even staying away from that version.

Hilton has always been a creepy, ugly dude with no talent really.  He's gay so he seems to get a pass as if criticism of his nonexistent talent is an indictment on his lifestyle — but his 15 minutes surely must be over by now.  If you think I'm overreacting — quick, tell what this scumbag does.  He hosts a web site that belittles Hollywood's famous, including doctoring photos of women speaking or singing into microphones as though they're performing oral sex acts.  It's not entertainment, it's just a moron with other stupid followers.

(Okay, I know that last sentence has you nodding your head and stopping to think …… "moron with other stupid followers."  Don't roll your eyes and DON'T leave this site — you're not an stupid follower of mine and this site.  I care for you.  Honest.  And besides, I'm not a moron.)

Hilton (Mario, actually) took down the nasty picture but the damage has been done.  So now here is to hoping that this loser finally gets the recognition he deserves — as a gay peddler of child porn.  And while the feds are at it, get the photographer that took the picture and sold/gave it to Hilton, because he is also a douche that peddled child porn.  


BlindsidedOkay, I did NOT see that coming, but not complaining.  Looks like Ms. Bullock is feeling pretty okay in public now, and that's a good thing.  Not sure if this was simply a nervous reaction when she got up to Scarlett Johansson — Betty White only got a peck on the cheek just
prior to this — or if it was a message to her douche bag ex as though
to say, "hey pal, you could have played right here in your own back
yard! "

Whatever the reason, lots of folks didn't seem to mind that she did this.  She went on to make a joke about it asking now that this was out of the way, could we just allow things to get back to normal.  I'm pretty good with "not so normal" for a little while longer!   And is the irony lost on anyone that Bullock has now kissed a husband and wife pair?

Could this be a sort of 'thank you' for Scarlett sharing husband Ryan Reynolds in the blockbuster The Proposal and again in their upcoming Most Wanted?  Eat your heart out Jesse James.

Yes, it was murder.

I've heard from several of you regarding my recent "murderous Israel" post, comments were split between good post/bad post.  And of course though I appreciate the e-mail contact through this site, I'd prefer that you sign in and post so that your comments can be viewed  and discussed by all.  

One comment took me to task for referring to the Israeli government as murderers, suggesting that I consult a dictionary before using "big words."  My response?  "You idiot, I don't need no stinkin' dictionary!"

Read up on what the fucking autopsy reports have found — all of the humanitarians were unarmed — does any of this sound familiar? This is the MO of an overzealous army:  shoot first and ask questions later.  (MO, for those of you without a dictionary, is short for 'mode of operation' or more accurately, from the latin modus operandi.  You're welcome.)  Five of the nine men shot and killed in cold blood were shot in the head — does this get your attention?  How about the 19 year-old American who was shot 5 times all at very close range — once in the head from a distance of 1 to 8 inches away!  Sounds more like execution-style killings.  Where is your outrage now?  Now take another look at one of the definitions for murder (as a verb) from  to kill or slaughter inhumanly or barbarously.  It can't be any more clear that the disproportionate actions taken by the Israeli government were murderous crimes against humanity and that their leadership should be held accountable on such grounds.  And that is coming.  (What makes something like this any different than when a US army soldier goes berserk and kills a family of Iraqis or Afghans?  We have held trials and brought out the facts and they have gone to jail for committing heinous crimes.  Same thing here and the outcome should be no less.)

The United States has turned a blind eye to the actions of the Israeli government far too long and it must change.  We must stop allowing the strong Jewish lobby in this country to influence our foreign policy — classic "tail wagging the dog" syndrome.  It is no wonder that so many people around the world are sick and tired of the 'poor, pitiful me' cry we hear from Jews whenever actions of their people or the Israeli government are questioned.  Please, we know there was a holocaust, and it was horrific that so many people met their demise at the hands of murderous, barbaric people — now read that back and ask why it is acceptable in this day and age for that to happen again. 

My plea, again, is for more people to wake up.

Murderous Israeli Government. Again.

Cannot believe the stupidity of the Israeli government and that they murdered civilians in international waters.  The international outrage has been fierce, but what will happen to the terrorists that run that country?  From what I can tell, probably not much.  And that is a shame.

It never ceases to amaze me that the people who lost millions to the murderous hands of Hitler's forces are themselves the murderers.  It isn't just this event, it goes back decades in their oppression of the Palestinian people.  Apartheid should not be tolerated anywhere, let alone a first-world country like Israel.  What is difficult to understand is if this is the make-up of the Jewish people or the make-up of their poor leadership.

They need to figure that out because it is becoming more and more difficult to separate the two.  The Jews live in luxury, taking over land and displacing the Palestinians, who are both Muslim and Christian, while they  have access to the best farm land, the best schools, hospitals — on and on.  And the Palestinians — they have a fucking 20 foot wall they're enclosed in and for the past three years, a blockade to the basics such as medical supplies, food and fuel. 

So I ask again — where is the outcry from the Jewish people from around the world?  Where is the outcry from the Jews here in America?  You can't continue to bury your head in the sand when your people do these heinous acts — no different than we hold the Muslims in this country to the same standard.  Still waiting to hear you.