Stupid is as stupid does

Tim James, the Republican candidate for governor in the great state of Alabama is proof that not all moronic politicians are from Arizona.  Part of his platform for election is that he'll change the exam for a state driver's license to be given in English only because as he says in the ad, "we speak English — if you want liver here, learn it." 

He says that this is important because it will save the state money in printing costs.  But like the assholes in Arizona who moved quickly to pass their state-level immigration law, he didn't quite think this through.  (Is this a pattern with all Republicans or just a great coincidence over the past year?)  In fact if Alabama, or any state, were to change their forms to English only, they'd lose federal funding which would cost them dearly. 

It seems odd that the path to government in a state from the bible belt is to sell your soul to the  devil.  He wants that nomination real bad.

Ben there, done that

BenWhy is that star male athletes on the verge of god status turn into such assholes?  They shoot themselves in the foot, they drive intoxicated and kill pedestrians, they abuse their family, they cheat on their wife and they accost women. 

Ben Roethlisberger had the world at his fingertips and then he let is slip away.  How?  By stupid actions led by the brain that hangs between his legs. 

Big arrogant jock hanging out with hangers-on in local bars, drinking himself silly and making unwanted advances on young fans. Sure Ben, you didn't break the law because everyone was drunk and it wasn't clear if you penetrated the young women in Atlanta.  And of course your entourage that hangs on your every move weren't quite sure what happened with you and the girl once you both disappeared in the bathroom in that private area of the bar.  It would be a joke if it wasn't so pitiful.

Join the ranks of A-Rod and Woods, other star athletes that let brain #2 trump brain #1.

Mal Man’s debut

I am currently in Orlando, Florida on vacation with my family. We are supposed to leave back to Detroit, Mi tonight and i have one problem, we're driving back home. You may think its not that bad but, a 22 hour drive with 7 passengers stuffed in a cramped mini van, it's ridiculous. I found a flight home for 153 dollars, but my parents will not allow me to purchase the ticket, they claim that this is an outrageous price do you have any advice, i know i have been frequently bothering you issuesman, considering your my father and i have been asking you for this for a week now,

3:10 to Yuma?

3:10 AM No I wasn't catching a train to Yuma, this was in the AM, not PM.  It is the time the crazy bitch in room 328 decided to have it out over the phone with her boyfriend – I think.  Regardless, she was yelling at someone and I wasn't getting any rest.  Then a call to the front desk around 3:02 and Dave was up knocking on her door within minutes.  And at 3:10 — quiet.  That is until about 4:00 AM when she made another call but now she was just talking.  Needless to say my business meeting this morning may not go as well as I had hoped, but it won't be for lack of preparation!