Move over, you’re moving too slow

Love the business travel. After dealing with horrendous lines at
security, which is typical Monday morning air travel, this bitch
nearly knocks me over. I am on the moving sidewalk at Detroit’s Metro
airport, standing on the right where the non-moving folks stay, and
all I hear from behind is “room!” As Curtis Payne would say, “What the
hell?” I turn and this chick is waiting for mee to basically jump up
on the handrail so she can get by with her double-wide. The guy
behind her was smiling, as though she was paving the way for him, and
all I could mutter was “I guess that’s my problem.” What nerve. It’s
not like she was late and in some big hurry, she was chugging along.
This is the type of travel arrogance that drives many of us crazy –
Attilla has 4 carry on pieces and I bet she never has to follow the
check baggage rule (1 carry on plus your purse and/or computer). Get
a clue sweety ‘cuz next time I am NOT moving


Marketing blunder

Just had the great pleasure of reading through the insurance packet sent to my folks for them to review so that they can make what will likely be the most important decisions they'll make for the coming year.  Wondering what type of training is necessary for the genius they hired that masterminded this entire "get the word out" campaign to senior citizens. 

The packet of printed material is about a quarter inch think and the print is about a 12-point font.  Certainly can't speak for all the retirees they mail this to, but it's pretty hard for them to read the material.  Forget that they're foreign born and that even though they came to the 'land of milk and honey' as teens, big lawyer-like sentences is difficult for them to comprehend.  But wait, there's more!

What would a large packet of reading material be if it was just in one format — they sent along a CD!  How great.  My poor mother thought it was something of value — it must be, it's a CD.  My folks don't have a computer.  We tried that experiment 10 years ago and it was a disaster.  I'm betting many senior folks don't have a computer so why in God's name would the folks at BC BS think it would be okay to send one out to a large group of retirees?  What poor judgment.  Don't these morons get together in group meetings to plan out the details of disseminating the information — was the devil's advocate off that day?

I had to convince my mom that the CD was useless to her and of no great value and that I'd read through the crap pile mailed to help figure out what she needed to react to.  Thanks Blue Cross, my weekend plans have been made.

Eeny, Meeny, Miney, Moe — looks like Tiger likes the ‘ho!

Is there no end to the women that will come forth in the Tiger story that's dominated news (and late night host) headlines this past week?  It's to the point where you're not sure who is telling the truth and who is looking for her 15 minutes of fame.

Yes, shame on Tiger.  It appears he's a bit of a sexual deviant.  If the women are telling the truth, he like is rough while buzzed on sleeping aids.  Poor bastard. 

I'm hugely disappointed in Tiger, no less than any other supposed role model, from athlete to politician, who lives one huge lie in a house of cards that everyone knows will tumble at some point.  But what of these women?  What a disappointment that they don't share in the blame of this tragic event — of course we have to start with the premise that the break up of ANY family is a tragic event — as it appears they simply slept with one of the most famously married men on the planet and for what? trips to exotic places and to be spanked on their behind.  Really?  I am sure those young women are so proud, and their parents too — and for what — in a couple years when they're trying to get work the only qualifications are their sexual transgressions.  A fucking disappointment all the way around.

Now we see the real fall-out.  Tiger's family is breaking apart with his wife leaving with the children.  Tiger is losing some of his corporate support — as he should.  Notice the Nike ads have stopped airing.  So too have the Accenture ads.  And Gillette's "The best a man can get –"  have you seen that on television this week?  (Don't you love the irony of that one!)  Wheaties cereal, Tag Heuer watches, Gatorade — they are all taking a break.  His $100 million a year in endorsements will be impacted so I hope he's invested well the estimated billion he's already banked.

When he hollers, let 'im go.  Eeny, Meeny, Miney, Moe.