Poor baby.


Poor Glenn Beck.  He has taken so much grief over the past several weeks and for what?  For being his loud-mouthed self?  That is hardly fair. 

There are a lot of haters in our midst (heck, look at me!), but there are only a handful that make millions of dollars off the back of fearful, insecure white people. Glenn Beck has been beat up in the media of late because he's an asshole whose message of hate and fear no longer resonates — the voice of his vocal minority following is being drowned out by the great majority in this country that are tired of being made fools of.  Yes, I'm white and I'm insecure about a lot of things (do you think they'll like my post?) — but I don't fear things I don't understand, even topics discussed by a bright, articulate black man who was born a Muslim and happens to be our president!  Catch your breath.  Ignorance is not a badge of honor.

Glenn, I gave you the opportunity to buy this web site (not for the legions of followers, for the name you fool).  You showed no interest and of course, I didn't make tens of thousands of dollars off the sale.  Now look at us.  You're flailing in your career and your millions will dry up one day — and me — I'm on my way up!  (My 20-year old son quoted something from a previous post on this site back to me over the weekend!  How you like me now?!)  Do you see the irony here?

You let me down Jay

LenoYes, we were all excited to watch Jay's debut last night.  And I know it isn't just me thinking this, but the show was a real disappointment.  Jay's monologue was good — usual Jay — but the show fell apart for me right afterward when he let The Dan Band (one of his 'correspondents') take up over 5 minutes, singing three stupid songs in a car wash.  I watched because I kept thinking something great was going to happen — that was 6 minutes worth of football I could have been watching on ABC.  WTF Jay.

And I was looking forward to the Kanye West visit because the amazing timing of West's royal screw up the night before at the MTV Moon Man awards.  Okay, down and dirty with Jay — let's stick around for this.  Huge disappointment.  First, someone tell Jay's writers that they needed to set up the West visit for the viewers  — it's not as though everyone saw what West did to Ms. Swift on the awards show.  There was no fucking context for his interview.  And then with all the buzz around the news world and Jay went soft — dude, think back to the question you asked Hugh Grant after he got caught cheating on his wife with a hooker — he asked "what were you thinking?"  Why didn't you call him out Jay?  That was enough for me.

So I confess, I did not see the entire show, but I disliked what I did see.  It's hard to believe that they had 3 months to plan this debut show and it went down the way it did.

Erected Officials from S.C.

Joe WilsonFirst glance, it appears that Republican Joe Wilson from South Carolina has spotted his dear friend, SC Governor Marc Sanford on the Appalachian Trail.  But we know now that 1. Sanford was actually on the Argentinian tail, and 2. This is actually a photo of Wilson from 9/9/09 when he interrupted our nation's chief during the chief's address to congress, and was just being an ill-mannered rube. (How did there just happen to be a camera focused in on Joe Wilson at that very second?)

Oh sure, both men apologized for their indiscretions, but what good has that done? To hell with the two over-50, white Republican egomaniacs, we should be concerned for the good folks of South Carolina!  I can only imagine what it must be like waking up in THAT state.  (Would that be the state of denial, or the state of embarrassment? ——  Wait, that was so clever on my part.)

More than both of these fine role models being from South Carolina, and more than them both being a great disappointment in general, these two knucklehead politicians have something else in common:  one was thinking with his dick and the other was acting like one. 

Pay attention in school

What kind of parent wouldn't want his or her child to hear a presentation tailored to his kid about the importance of staying in school, and from the leader of the greatest nation on earth no less?  Only the fucking morons that are fussing about President Obama's speech to our nation's children as they head back to school.

Again, we take a look and this vocal minority are white followers — not sure of who, likely following Glenn or Rush.  (Now there are a couple of role models for your children — especially if you value making millions from suckers by spewing hate and venom.)  I suppose it would have been better to have asked W to make this presentation — though his message would've been "don't care if you stay in school, I just need you to join the armed forces so we can continue mired in a war we created!" 

As a parent with 4 children, I always welcomed when true leaders visited my kids' classrooms, looking to motivate and inspire.  It blows me away to watch this handful of parents get in front of a camera and exclaim "I don't agree with his views on abortion and a woman's right to choose."  What a stupid thing to say — do you actually think the president was going to address a woman's right to have control over her own body to school-aged children?  (There are Parent of The Year nominations in your future!)  An amazing missed opportunity for those of you who start off their explanation with, "It's not because he's black …"  Nice.  Passing on your narrow-mindedness to your children.

Another child slapper off the streets!

Child slapperNow this is a mug shot!  The "Georgia Slapper" (as dubbed by me), is guilty of slapping a crying child at a Walmart store in suburban Atlanta.  Now really, who amongst us hasn't wanted to slap a crying child?  This guy lost his cool when the child wouldn't stop crying as she went up and down the store isles with her mother.  I've seen this before and seriously, the child should never be slapped — I'm all for pulling the parent aside and slapping him or her.  C'mon folks, take control of your bratty children.  Unless there is total meltdown, which shouldn't be given in to, take that kid home and send them to their room or time-out or whatever.

If this 'crime of passion' is ever turned into a movie, they can get Jeff Daniels to play the lead.

Bury MJ already

How strange is it that Michael Jackson has yet to be buried?  We had parades with his body, tributes by celebrities, days of mourning — what is the deal?  (He can't be a Muslim like some rumors suggested, they bury their dead within a day or two!)

He is to be interred today and I say it's about time.  Sure, he's gone and his body is nothing but an empty vessel — but really, let his soul rest in peace.  Stop the Jackson circus and bury him already because the only ones to benefit are his record label as his music sales continue on a high.

Banks, bad. Credit Unions, good!

Unless you’re a more recent shareholder in Bank of America or CitiBank, you’ve got to be disappointed with how banks are crushing consumers.  And if you’re a credit card holder from either of these banks and others, or of the American Express products, you no doubt know first hand how they’ve reacted to the regulation changes around credit card fees.  Some of their fee income will be impacted by things like late fee guidelines and the inability to collect over limit fees unless the consumer opts in — yeah, right.

So our wonderful leadership in Washington decided on a consumer rights law and painted all credit card issuers with one broad brush.  What they should have done is take their time and gotten it right.  The problem with fees that border on criminal, putting many so deep in the hole that making the minimum payment never allows for any progress in paying off the debt, is that the culprits are banks.  And not even all banks, mostly the large ones with a regional or national footprint.  So why punish ALL credit card issuers for the sins of a few?  Because we’re talking about lifelong politicians that aren’t even impacted by the rules they seek to change.  How ironic is that?  Ready.  Fire!  Aim.

I’m adding this cool little video created by a young lady in Alberta province, Canada aimed at educating  folks on the differences between banks and credit unions.  Forget that it is a commercial for her area youth group — pay attention to the message, because it is spot on.  Enjoy.  And pay attention!